Wisdomwhere Updates for May 2019

This release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added Created By & Updated By details to the new event maintenance page.
  • Added a NOT LIKE option to the Custom Report module. This will let you exclude results that match your search terms.
  • Attendance Sheet Modifications
    • Added the option to insert a line of text at the top of the page.
    • Added the option to hide the SCECH sections that are displayed by default for Michigan customers.
    • Details pertaining to cost are hidden if the session has no cost.
    • Details pertaining to the waiting list are hidden if the session has no one on the waiting list


  • Team Registration
    • Fixed a problem with team members being placed on waiting lists.
    • Fixed a problem with duplicate registrations being created when a seat was reserved for a specific registrant.
  • Accessibility issues
    • Changed the text for a registrant’s in progress link from Inprogress to In Progress.
    • Removed link titles that matched anchor text. This duplication is redundant to screen readers.
    • Removed link to the footer email address when there is no text to link to.
  • Registrants are now notified of prerequisite requirements if they sign in after selecting event and session options.
  • Inactive registrants are now prompted to reactive their account when they sign in after selecting event and session options.
  • Inactive Locations were not displayed when editing a session and the session couldn’t be saved without selecting a new location.
  • The System Status Report event count didn’t separate the counts for inactive versus storage events.

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