Wisdomwhere updates for May 23, 2019

Wisdomwhere Updates
This release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added session count statistics to the top of the Registration page and the Event and Conference Team pages.
  • Added the option to session teams to CSV or Excel in addition to PDF.
  • Added values to public side URLs that will allow someone to visit the URL without having to go to the homepage first. Prior to this change, you could not send someone to the Search Events page, Create Account or Lost Password pages directly. You can with this change.
  • Added default values for the new conference display keys to the admin conference maintenance page.
  • Added a default value for “Disable Email Confirmations Days” in Event maintenance.
  • Reordered the Personal Session list to sort by Last Name, First Name, Registrant ID.
  • Changed page titles for Conferences, Login, and Modify Conference for better accessibility compliance.
  • Added a popup to offer to set a balance to 0 when marking a registration as paid on the Attendance and Registration pages.


  • Administrators were occasionally prevented from reserving anonymous team seats even though seats were available.
  • Sending an evaluation reminder from the attendance page didn’t replace the substation codes with registrant and session values.
  • Team statistics were out of alignment on the attendance page.
  • Choosing to view events by location and then by month caused an error.
  • If two team members were registering at the same time, one registrant’s team assignment was lost.

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