We have been providing web-based Professional Development applications with hosting and support services for over 20 years. Our systems are used by corporations like Tyco International, Universities like Virginia Tech, but, overwhelmingly, our focus has always been state DOEs, K12 Service agencies, charter schools, and LEAs throughout the country.

Our software is rock-solid; our largest client manages over 110,000 registrations a year. We support clients in over 30 states. Since we specialize in the education market, our programing and support staff understand the challenges and needs of the K12 market.

Further, we are experienced and know how to implement our software quickly. Our in-depth knowledge and working experience in the K12 environment means each of you will be effectively trained and supported with unlimited phone access.

Why Solutionwhere?

Event Registration software is about more than just collecting the names of people that want to register for events, especially with regards to license renewal of certified staff. At Solutionwhere, we’ve been building this type of software for over twenty years. Nothing makes us happier than solving the complex registration needs of education focused organizations.

Solutionwhere offers these scalable solutions: 

Coursewhere™: Our PD Catalog Management solution for online registrations, waitlist management, classes, workshops, in-services, seminars, online courses, conference breakout sessions, video conferencing, and other enrollment-based events, including custom data collection and reporting.

Wisdomwhere™: PD program management including outside events and post-grad credit tracking, certification tracking, and management, unlimited structured activities like workshops.  User-defined delivery strategies like mentoring or classroom visits, all with instant oversight and a built-in approval system. Easily monitors groups (new educators) or individuals and allows modification at the LEA level as needed.

Central PD Registry: A consortium or statewide central registry where educators can securely view all PD credits earned, take required surveys for each newly-completed PD course, print personalized certificates-of-completion, and print official transcripts. It can also feed state Certification or HR systems. Credits earned are fed automatically from Coursewhere or uploaded via CSV file (non-Coursewhere) as courses are completed at LEA.

Central PD Approval System: LEA-submitted courses, workshops, and conferences are approved and automatically posted in real time to a consortium-wide PD course catalog. This links into Coursewhere for an integral online registration process managed by the sponsor of the event.

From Small LEA to Statewide Programs

We're in over 33 states and have the experience to deliver at the smallest LEA level or system-wide at the state level. A Solutionwhere partnership includes immediate implementation and long-term enhancements and support. 

Contact us to learn more about how Solutionwhere can craft a partnership with you.

Our Staff

Frank McGraw and Tonya Bednarick are software developers who work with education professionals to manage and track professional learning requirements.

Tonya knows what credentialed professionals need in a Professional Development Management System. She has successfully launched several software initiatives, including the Secure Central Registry in partnership with the Michigan Department of Education and Wisdomwhere, the successor to Coursewhere. After spending a decade working as a developer for various startups, Tonya joined Solutionwhere in 2008. She has an AAS in General Studies with a heavy concentration in Computer Information Systems.

Frank McGraw has developed several software modules in his time at Solutionwhere. He’s our go-to expert on integrating with state level reporting systems, including the Pennsylvania PDE and North Carolina HRMS systems.

Frank joined Solutionwhere in 2001, after working for EDS. Frank has 25 years in the IT industry and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

In addition to Frank and Tonya, we have a team dedicated to improving our software in a rapid and ongoing basis.