Wisdomwhere Updates for February 2020


  • The custom form fields in custom reports are now sorted alphabetically. You can also exclude inactive custom fields by checking a box at the bottom of the page.
  • A registrant’s active status is available to include in custom report results and in the search criteria.
  • You can include the conference narrative in the main body of the new conference display instead having it hidden in a popup. This is a sitewide setting that we can turn on for you.
  • Conferences with a range of dates display just the range instead of the first starting date and the range.
  • Ad-hoc approval forms can be made entirely editable by approvers with a checkbox. Alternatively, you can indicate specific fields that approvers should be allowed to edit with the value “approvereditable” in the Custom CSS Class field.
  • You can enable file upload to the Ad-hoc approval requests. See the documentation for details.


  • The Custom Reports page was not displaying all the records it should have when the results included an online session.
  • Registrant Summary Report had left margin that was too large.
  • The location dropdown for Video Conferences was not sorted alphabetically and was too narrow to be read easily.
  • An Ad Hoc Approval Request was not showing as Approved when the last step was to notify rather than approve.
  • The Sessions available list started at the top of the list of sessions instead of at the top of the page so registrants would have to scroll up to see the event description.

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