Wisdomwhere Updates - Oct 10, 2018

Wisdomwhere Updates

It’s been awhile since we’ve sent a message out with what has been updated in Wisdomwhere, although we have continued to release incremental updates.

New Feature

Broadcast Email Queue & Reporting

An email queue helps us send large broadcast emails more efficiently and improves the amount of time it takes to complete the action on the page.
We’ve added a broadcast email report that shows the text of the email and statistics about the successfully sent messages. You can also view who the message was sent to.
This is a feature that is not turned on by default. Let us know if you would like to use the new broadcast email queue.


  • Moved the location of "Override the email preference" in broadcast messages
  • Added Unit Types to Custom Reports in the session section so that reports could be created for sessions without registrants
  • Added Other as a Send From option in the State Reporting Template
  • Added the links "Add New Event" and "Add New Conference" to the Combined Search page
  • Increased visibility to the session selection checkboxes on the New Conference Display registration page
  • Added "Remove from Conference" capability to any admin conference session registration page
  • Increased the width of the Location drop-down on the conference page
  • Increased the width of the Session Title on event and conference sessions
  • Increased the width of the Credit Type drop-down on session maintenance
  • Added a client setting to remove "Broadcasts" from the radio buttons for Email Preferences
  • Added a new column for "LastName, FirstName" to attendance sheet that displays registrants in that format
  • Sorted instructor search results alphabetically
  • Set the default start and end time to 12:00 AM when adding a new online session


  • Registration receipts were missing the payment type if the payment type was check or PO.
  • Video teleconferences lost their location selecting another session during registration
  • Video teleconference sessions were requiring an “additional location“
  • The PDE transmission log said the batch was successfully transmitted but there were errors (PA clients only)
  • When a registrant selected a conference session that conflicted with their existing registration, existing sessions were unchecked after the error message was closed
  • User report included password
  • Special needs were being emailed when they were not included on the registration form
  • Nightly batch emails failed when encountering an invalid email in the Evaluation Reminder process.
  • Disable Email Confirmation X Days After Start date was not filled in with a default value
  • Interests only displayed when there is a sub-interest on the event form when sub-interests are active
  • Client preference was ignored for displaying the registrant's upcoming events in calendar form
  • Client preferences for displaying registrant restrictions on event setup were ignored
  • The custom form field list disappeared after deleting a custom field
  • Transcript totals were displayed on the admin version of a transcript when the client preference was set to not display totals
  • The admin report page accessed from any list page said “Transcripts” in the breadcrumbs
  • The conference confirmation email showed the wrong session location
  • Error received when searching for events, sorted by the instructor name when an instructor had an apostrophe in their name
  • Waitlist message displayed on the attendance page when saving changes when the max participants were equal to the number of registrants
  • Registrant was sent to login page after clicking to see event details
  • Occasional errors on the Event Status Report when sorting by category
  • Custom reports needed the instructor number instead of the instructor name to return the correct records
  • Error registering for events when there was a problem converting the hours to a decimal
  • There was occasionally a problem finding past or expired sessions on Registration Page
  • The Userlist breadcrumbs did not display the correct text
  • After a conversion, there was an error editing an evaluation questions when it was a scale type question
  • Instructor bio displayed oddly on the admin conference registration page
  • Custom Reports displayed an error if a new report was saved and then run again
  • Balances are were not saved when marking registrant as paid if the payment type was not included on the registration form
  • The professional ID registration form field was displayed when it was not included on the form (PA clients only)
  • Attendance flag was not turned on when registering and marking all days as attended without leaving the admin registration form
  • If there was no payment type on the registration form, the balance was set to 0 when there was a cost
  • The API did not return the location name in when querying Events
  • The session form required fields to be entered when clicking “Cancel”
  • "Days to complete" an online session was displaying when Evaluations were not turned on in the client preferences
  • Widen the "Session Title" on event and conference sessions
  • Uninformative error in Custom Reports when the column searched for in the Search Criteria was not included in the report
  • Broadcast Email validation didn’t catch spaces
  • CC’ing multiple email addresses increased the number of unsubscribe links at the bottom of a registrant broadcast email
  • PDE Transmission Log was missing records (PA clients only)
  • PDE Transmission Log said 0 records were successfully transmitted when there were (PA customers only)
  • Session End Date was not prevented from being older than the Session Start Date
  • The PDE Report was using the internal district number, not the district name (PA clients only)
  • The Confirmation Messages list disappeared when navigating to the second page of the list
  • Renaming categories didn’t change the category text when searching for events on the public side
  • The inactive checkbox was missing from Print Personal Session List
  • Mailing Labels weren’t being created for registrants that had not selected a unit during registration
  • “Allow multiple registrations for this session” was displayed when the client preferences were set not to.
  • The links for Add New Event and Add New Conference were displayed when the user had read only permission to events and conferences. The users didn’t actually have permission to add new records.
  • Export Catalog didn’t include records where there was no subcategory when subcategory was turned on in client preferences
  • The API returned the sub-category number instead of the name
  • The Mailing Labels, Attendance Sheet, and Name Badges Reports included storage events when that option was not checked
  • The copy button was displayed on Custom Reports for read only users
  • The copy button was displayed on Locations for read only users
  • The links to Session Attendance, Unregister All Registrants and Register were disabled on the Session Maintenance page if the user had read-only permissions to the session but did have permission to access the other options.
  • The Event Narrative overflowed the text area when the user had read only access
  • Copy Event Sessions showed up on the Event List menu when permissions for both Copy Sessions and Copy Events was turned off.
  • Sessions Hours were not included in the State Reporting Confirmation email, the [SessionDetails], [RegName], [RegAddress], & [RegAddress2] tags were not replaced and the [SessUnits] tag used the unit name instead of the units earned (PA clients only)
  • Team members weren’t sorted alphabetically on the team membership page
  • The instructor attendance sheet included the message "All information subject to change.....This disclaimer is easily configurable by the system administrator!". There is no such user configurable field
  • The state number was displayed instead of the state abbreviate when merging registrant records
  • Editing a user had no breadcrumb link back to the user list
  • The public display of the instructor bio page had several minor display problems
  • There was an error saving a session when there were existing registrations with an invalid special needs value
  • There was an error saving a group registration if a registrant had invalid special needs value
  • The session contact email address text had a space in the hyperlink
  • Converted scale evaluation questions were missing their choices
  • Events without a session date were not made inactive at the appropriate time during the nightly batch jobs
  • There was an error viewing registrant event details on the admin side when accessed from the transcript

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