Wisdomwhere Updates for October 2019

Wisdomwhere UpdatsThis release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature

  • Registrant Summary Report - this report totals the registrant's units and hours for the specified time period. The default range is one year from the current day. You can access a list of the specific session the registrant attended with the details button.


  • You can now access instructor bios from the main conference page when using the new conference display.
  • Peer offerings are now automatically included in the search results and identified with a label that looks like [Peer: ABC123].
  • You can include smart codes for the conference Session Presenter and Session Room Number in the confirmation message templates. The codes are [SessionPresenter] and [SessionRoomNumber] are also available in the “Append to Message” dropdowns.
  • The registration and profile forms have a new “Fee” field available to collect a currency or decimal value.
  • The regnum is logged with the system log registration record.


  • Editing custom reports with parenthesis in the search criteria failed to let go of a portion of the parenthesis.
  • There was a problem with users’ ability to mark attendance for other users.
  • Internet Explorer would not save a conference session as a breakout.
  • The “Lost Password” page has been updated to use “Registrant ID” instead of “User ID” to be consistent with the nomenclature used throughout the system.
  • The keyword search on the new Search by Session List will now also search the Category, Sub-category, Interest, Sub-interest, and Location in addition to the Event Name and Narrative.
  • Changing a session date in the middle of a series of dates when the start date was in the past changed the displayed start date to the first date in the future. I feel like I should be singing a Huey Lewis song here.
  • There was an error when trying to edit a full conference registration on the admin side.
  • When a conference was using paging and the registrant jumped back and forth multiple times between pages, it was possible to skip or lose a required session during the final phase of registration.
  • The new conference display showed the page numbers in white, making them invisible.
  • Some users were prevented from registering people into conferences on the admin side.
  • The notice to remove people from the waiting list was not displayed a second time if it was ignored the first time seats were made available by increasing the maximum participants.
    A custom form field that accepted text only displayed on the admin side if the answer was “No”. Entering “Yes” on the admin side was not saved.
    Group registration was not being logged in the system log.

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