Why Upgrade to Wisdomwhere

You know Coursewhere like the back of your hand. It's been your home for professional development event registration for a long time and you are comfortable with how it works. Why should you switch?

Wisdomwhere is our market leading app that is packed with new features to take your PD registrations to the next level. Features that will help free up staff time and make running the hundreds and thousands of events you put on each year that much easier.

Why Wisdomwhere?

Here are just some of the new features:

  • New static pricing model
  • Modern interface
  • Auto-manage course status
  • Unlimited custom form fields
  • New conference display
  • Prerequisites
  • Restrict registration
  • Copy sessions from course to course
  • WYSIWG editors
  • Email templates for just about everything
  • Auto mark attendance with code
  • Calculate partial credit
  • Email hunt groups
  • Google Analytics
  • Permission templates
  • Upload documents
  • Searchable dropdowns
  • Multiple certificates
  • Certificates by credit type
  • Configurable certificate signatures
  • Instructor pictures
  • Customizable attendance sheet
  • Better billing options
  • Evaluation status
  • Single sign-on
  • Peer to peer (join with other districts)
  • API
  • Registration cut off dates
  • Group un-registration
  • And so much more

    Contact us today if you want a demo of Wisdomwhere to see how it would align with your school or service agency's goals.

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