Steps to Arizona Teaching Certification

If you’re looking to become a teacher in Arizona, you’ll find step-by-step directions to earning your certification here.  Each certificate has it’s own intricacies and requirements, but the Arizona Department of Education has mapped out each path on their website.  Simply select your certification of choice and follow the steps. 

Before obtaining any Arizona teaching certification you’ll need to meet certain prerequisites.  This quick overview will help you understand the basics of what you need to achieve before you’re ready to follow the states step-by-step certification guides. 

Applicants can prepare for certification in a variety of ways and your path to certification is largely dependent on your current education and employment status. 

If you are just starting college and/or have an education degree:  Applicants who hold a bachelors degree in education have the most straightforward path to teacher certification.  You simply must pass the states exams and apply for your certification.  Once the testing requirements are met, you will be eligible for a Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate. 

If you hold a bachelors degree in a subject other than education:  Unlike many other states, Arizona offers an Intern Certificate to applicants wishing to transition to teaching.  Once you have passed the certification exams and enrolled in either a certificate program or an education masters degree program you are eligible to teach full time for up to two years while completing your education training.  After completing your training you must then apply for your Standard Certificate. 

If you specialize in a specific subject but do not have teacher training:  Again, unlike many other states, Arizona offers a special certification to applicants who are trained in a specific subject area.  These applicants need to pass their certification tests but are not required to undergo any specific education coursework or training. 

If you are certified to teach in another state:  Arizona offers a special certificate to teachers from other states, the Arizona Reciprocal Provisional Teaching Certificate.  In order to qualify for this certificate, you must pass all Arizona certification exams and also must earn and English Immersion Endorsement. 

Whatever path you take to certification you’ll need to pass the Arizona certification exams.  You can find information about the test as well as practice tests and registration information on this site

Arizona is in need of good teachers so kudos to you for rising to the occasion! 



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