Attendance Methods

Overall...Daily...Daily Partial, Oh my! Wisdomwhere has three methods for tracking attendance.

Overall is the most commonly used. Overall displays one checkbox for "Attended" on the attendance page regardless of how many days the session has.

Daily displays a checkbox for every day of the session on the attendance page, but the registrant will not receive credit unless they are marked attended all days.

Daily Partial gives partial credit for each day that a registrant attends a session. You enter a decimal value for each day of the session that represents the percentage that day is worth. The decimals must add up to 1 for 100% credit. A checkbox displays for every day of the session on the attendance page and the system will calculate the units earned for each day marked attended. You can manually override those values as needed. In order for the registrants to receive credit, "Editing Complete" must be checked on the attendance page so the system knows all partial values are entered.

Let us know if you have any questions about how these settings work.

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